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How’s your day going so far? March 20, 2008

It was a hectic morning.  I was scurrying through my house in search of the missing tax documents.  I had turned over most of the necessary information to my nice new tax person, and had promised the remaining items by this afternoon.  I was in need of some mortgage specifics and some missing utility bills.  The house looked like there had been an explosion at the paper factory, and I was getting nowhere fast.  Rather than get lost in the shuffle (literally) I decided to call my mortgage company and the utility company in question. 

Much to my surprise, I got right through on the first of my calls and was tended to by a very friendly individual. (He reminded me of George from my “I’m in Love with George” post a few months ago.)  Antonio, while looking up my records, simply asked,So how’s your day going so far?”  My typical answer to that is “Better than nothing” (don’t ask me…even as I write it, I see the stupidity in that answer…), but for some reason-maybe due to Antonio’s pleasant disposition, I countered with “My day is going great!  How’s yours going?”  Antonio laughed and said, “It’s still early and my day is already fantastic…and I’m expecting it to get even better!”  I quickly was given the answers to all my questions, thanked Antonio and moved on to the gas company.

My phone call with the gas company was very similar.  Jeanette was a lovely, cheerful person who seemed happy to help me.  I made sure to let her know how much I appreciated her help, she thanked me for the acknowledgement-one she doesn’t get very often she said.  I easily got what I needed and moved on with my day.

Call me crazy, but I swear saying out loud that my day was going great changed the course of events for me.  Everything seemed to go right or in my favor.  I got a rebate on lawn services from last year I didn’t expect and found an earring I’ve been looking for.  My son actually smiled in my direction and I got another handwritten card in the mail.

Coincidence?  Maybe….but have you ever started a day by saying “I’m having the worst day of my life…”?  I don’t recommend it.


2 Responses to “How’s your day going so far?”

  1. croneandbearit Says:

    Hi Michelle – I’ve found that you get what you project. If I say I’m having a lousy day, sure enough I’ll have a lousy day! But if I’m upbeat and positive, better things happen. Enjoyed reading your blog – come see me. *smile* Linda from Crone and Bear It

  2. Julie McCoy Says:

    We always have great days on The Love Boat. You should come sail with us.

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